Thursday, April 23


I did this painting in a class with Dorothy Dent. She held classes for 3 days but I was only able to do this one. It was wonderful learning from her. It's hard to make the colors all come out right but I think it turned out great!

Friday, February 20

Strawberry Barrel

This was just - shall i say FUN! Everybody just needs to do something fun once in a while. I did this with pen and ink and then layed in the color with oil paints.

Kitty Kitty

I did this painting at a class at the 2008 HOOT in Columbus, OH. It is an oil painting. The instructor was wonderful. I purchased some of her books and hope to do some more animals in the near future.

Monday, February 9


I started this painting several months ago, and just decided to work on it one day when I was snowed in. I still need to do a little work to it, but over all I like the look. It's oils on a Dream Canvas - 16x20.

Sunday, January 25


I did this for some friends of ours for a Christmas present. It is done in pen and ink and then I layed Oil paints in to get the color.

Sunday, January 18

The Shooks

I did this for a friend of our family. He was always here when he was a kid. Seemed like one of our own. Now he's grown with his own family. I love painting in oils - but had no idea how much fun acrylics could be. The old window frame tops it off.

Thursday, January 15

Mandy's Basket

I did this for my step daughter for her bathroom. It's 15x30 on a canvas board. Done completely in acrylics, which is unusual for me! Enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday, December 31

Summer Clubhouse

This was done with the pen and ink and oil rouging process. This is an original design of mine. I absolutely have fallen in love with this process!

Last Days of Autumn

This was done with a kit I purchased at the 2008 HOOT in Columbus, OH. This is pen and ink and oil paints - done with a process called rouging. The kit was by Mary Owens Designs. I absolutely have fallen in love with this process.

Stella & Ruby

I did this for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. It's a portrait of their grandchildren.

Sunday, February 24

Just a painting I did years ago with the wet on wet technique. The mountains were done with a pallet knife. This was a lot of fun to do. 11x14 Oil on Canvas

This is my first still life after a 17 year break. This was actually done in a class where we took the original photographs then painted what ever picture we wanted. This is a dry brush technique on Fantasy Canvas. (20x16 Oil on Canvas)

Treasures of Time

I did this painting for my friend JEN in Canada. It features a lot of my treasures. (16x20 Oil on Canvas)

This is a portrait that I did of my mom's engagement picture. I had no idea I could paint portraits. This is done with a dry brush technique on a Fantasy Canvas. Completely done in sepia tones. (16x20 Oil on Canvas)

Telling Secrets

This is my newest passion - portraits. This is a portrait of my grandsons done with a dry brush technique on a Fantasy Canvas. (16x20 Oil on Canvas)